My Dear Partner...

    My Mind Is So Full...
    Tonight I am sitting in my study reflecting on my life...over 50 years of global evangelism have given me much insight into people’s lives, their experiences, their pain, their joy.
    Traveling night after night for so many years, I have sat with groups of pastors and leaders and listened to conversations, opinions, pain and triumphs. Atmospheres change. Cultures are so different. The body of Christ is experiencing unparalleled conflict and division. Through all of these truth emerges...Love is the badge of true Christianity.
    Ultimately, Love Is The Only Law. You and I will be judged by the Love expressed toward God…and to others. The Holy Spirit is really the only true Source of holy Love (Romans 5:5). If you do not discern true Love around you, you will alienate good people and embrace evil people. Love will sustain you on the most difficult journeys of your life…Jesus is the example. The most powerful force in the world is Love (1 Corinthians 13:13). It breaks through barricades.
    If the spirit of giving were removed from the earth, it would become a tortuous, volcanic hell within 24 hours. Love has a need to give. God loved the earth. The proof of His Love was His desire to give us…Jesus, His only begotten Son, as a sacrifice for our sins.
    What You Do Reveals What You Want. The Love of Jesus is revealed by the pursuit of His own people. Love pursues when others reject.
    True Love pursues...reaches...and is not afraid to risk rejection.
    When You Obey God, You Prove Beyond Any Doubt That You Truly Love Him. Your willingness to obey Him will birth the ability to obey Him.
    It is vitally important in your life to experience the presence of true Love and how to avoid the substitute decoy that has destroyed millions. Songs are written daily about Love. Music revolves around the Force of Love. Every human subconsciously pursues Love with passion... every single hour of his life. It is possible to experience true Love and avoid the Trap of Deceit. You can conquer through understanding the awesome power of holy Love!

    Thank you again...for partnering with me in the eternal Gospel..! The work of God is the greatest soil on earth...and guarantees an Uncommon Harvest of Divine Favor.

                                                          Your Faith Partner,


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