My Dear Partner...

    Every Crisis Can Be Dismantled With The Right Questions.
    Every life-battle is a mind-battle over your faith. Your response to crisis demonstrates your faith in God. In a crisis you do what you feel or do you do what The Word of God says?
    Everyone on earth can be divided into two classes...those who believe in The Word of God or those who do not. God does not see a problem like you do. He sees a problem as part of the qualifying process for His rewards. God only rewards overcomers in His Kingdom. Without a problem, you do not have a reward. Without a Goliath, you do not receive the prize. Not every crisis is inspired by satan. We all make bad decisions. I look at crisis as a school impregnated with Divine secrets that will unlock a Future. I search for opportunity.

    What Are The Opportunities, Knowledge And Ideas Hidden In This Crisis? Opportunity Is A Gift From God. Opportunity is any situation where your favorable qualities and skills, known or unknown, can be recognized, received and ultimately rewarded.
    Crisis usually is a camouflage of knowledge. Crisis usually occurs through misunderstanding. If you look at a crisis long enough, you will learn much about other people. You see where correction is needed or what area needs your attention. Ideas are golden gates to change. An idea is a thought, Divinely planted by God, that could solve a problem for someone.
    What Are The Eventual And Possible Consequences If I Refuse To Confront And Settle My Crisis? Delay does not bring answers. What are the consequences if you do not pay the light bill...the lights are turned off. What is the consequence if your spouse is unhappy...they may find happiness without you. You must confront your crisis. If you do not...what are the eventual consequences?
    What Is The Simplest Way To Resolve And End This Crisis Swiftly...At The Lowest Cost of Time, Money And Energy? Many crises can be resolved with a simple apology. Make restitution with those you have wronged or hurt. True repentance involves restitution—mending broken fences. One definition of restitution is “the final restoration of all things and persons to harmony with God’s will.” Restitution is a faith releasing principle that purifies your conscience. It unties the hands of God to work freely on your behalf.
    You decide how messy you want a crisis to be. We often make things complex that are very simple. Always consider the easiest way for something to be resolved.
    Recognition of A Golden Opportunity Can Turn An Empty Life Into Uncommon Success.

    Thank You Again...For Partnering With Me In The Eternal Gospel..! The work of God is the greatest soil on earth...and guarantees an Uncommon Harvest of Divine Favor.

                                                    Your Faith Partner,


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