My Precious Partner...

    You Are The Eternal Hope For Those In Your Home Who Will Not Follow Jesus! You are the one in your family who keeps The Blood on the door post...the death angel at bay. You are the best hope they have to receive The Good News and the hope of eternal life. You have the responsibility to win souls. Your first Assignment is to reflect Christ and promote The Kingdom of God. God’s grace is provided because of you.
    You may be living in a home where others in your household do not value or honor your persuasions about God. You may be in a marriage where your spouse does not have a fear of The Lord like you do. Unbelieving family members may feel they are competing with God for your affection. They may be intimidated because they sense conviction in their conscience. A divided home can become a troubled home.
    Do not stop praying for those in your household...persevere at all costs... persuade your unbelieving loved ones to come to God. No one else in their life will care for them more than you. No one can intercede for them like you can. Never trivialize the power of your prayers for your loved ones.

When Someone In Your Family Will Not Follow The Jesus You Love...

    You Must Picture The Eternal Consequences If They Do Not Follow Jesus. When you love someone, you realize if they do not come to Jesus, they will burn in hell for eternity. Hell was intended for satan and his angels, but those who reject God will suffer the same eternity of punishment. There is no recovery after death. 
    You Must Remember You Are Not Their Only Influence. God is already at work.
    You Must Remember That Your Intercession For Them Is In Complete Agreement With God. Prayer activates God. Prayer pleasures God. When you start praying for your child or your spouse, the words you are praying immediately activate Divine favor toward you. (See Ezekiel 22:30.)
    You Must Know How To Talk To Them. Make it easy for people to accept God. God’s plan of salvation is so simple, even a child can understand it. Do not complicate it. Do not argue with people. Do not try to prove The Bible. Do not debate over foolish questions like “Who did Cain marry?” Do not try to prove God’s existence.
    You Must Know How To Pray For Them And Keep Interceding For Them. You are the only Jesus some people will ever see. Do they see Jesus in you? Never give up on a family member who is away from God. Never stop praying for them. People's own hearts condemn them. The Holy Spirit brings conviction. (See Romans 8:26.)

    Special Friend, Thank You Again...For Partnering With Me In The Eternal Gospel..! The work of God is the greatest soil on earth...and guarantees an Uncommon Harvest of Divine Favor.

                                                                    Your Faith Partner,


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