Your Words Are Deciding Your Future..!

My Precious Partner...

    Do You Realize Your Words Are The Seeds For Feelings?
    God has given you a Mouth and a Mind to magnify your strength, to increase your capability.
    You cannot lose weight by expressing negative statements, "I just see a menu and I start getting bigger," or "I gain weight just looking at food."

    Your Words Should Reflect Your Desires...Reflect Your Confidence In Your Dream. You schedule yourself for failure with negative thoughts and words.
    Your conversations need to amplify your Dream. Your words can easily dilute the Dream if you are talking opposite of your desired Future.
    Do not allow your words to destroy your Dream! Jesus said your words reveal what kind of heart you posses. "...for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh," (Luke 6:45).

Words Created The World. (See Genesis 1.)
  ► Words Create Your World.
Words Link People.
Words Are The Bridge To Your Future.
    There is a time to talk...a time to listen...a time for movement...a time for staying still. (See Proverbs 18:21.)

    Silence Speaks.
Stay Silent In Revealing The Damage An Enemy Has Done.
Stay Silent In Discussing The Weaknesses of Others.
Stay Silent In Advertising Your Own Mistakes.

    Let Jesus Be Your Teacher, He Knew When To Talk And When To Listen.
    When people were hungry for knowledge, Jesus spoke for hours. When He got to Pontius Pilate's hall, His truth was ignored and He was silent. You can learn, too. It will benefit you in every way as you endeavor to discover and develop your Dream.
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