When I Discovered This...My Whole World Changed..!

My Dear Friend...

    The Willingness To Become Is The Master Secret To Success.
    But success is not instant. It is a Moment-by-Moment movement toward a desired goal.
    Everyone wants immediate success, but it doesn’t happen that way. Success is a process. It involves following. It requires correction, coaxing, coaching. Becoming...is the invisible secret to Success.
    I love animals. I used to have a lion named K.K. They are such magnificent creatures...natural and instinctive predators, but they are not born skilled hunters. Only through repeated failed experiences does a juvenile lion finally become a proficient hunter. It can take more than two years! That is fascinating to me. Even The Best of The Best... Have To Work At What Comes Naturally...To Get Good At It.
    Lions Have A Secret Every Achiever Should Learn...I share this remarkable secret as one of the 150 Wisdom Notes in my powerful collection just released…The Wisdom Notes of Mike Murdock, Volume 1. It is unlike any book in your entire  library. I predict that you will keep it with you in your briefcase…every trip and probably as the family devotional every night.
    You will love this collection of Wisdom Focus. Some of these powerful topics include...
    ► The Uncommon Seed That Brought My Lifetime Blessing.
    ► The Sermon That Unlocked 1,000 Miracles.
    ► What To Do When Dark Times Come.
    ► The Master Secret To Unending Favor In Your Life.
    You Are So Very Precious To Me, 
and I wanted to share with you first-hand about this powerful book because the Wisdom Truths contained in this can open up new doors of victory and peace for you…and have a life changing effect!
    Email Me Today...share with me the burdens of your heart. I want to intercede for you and believe with you for your miracle!

Looking For Your Letter Every Day,


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