My Precious Partner...

    There Will Be Moments When You Feel Like Your Life Has Been Wasted.

    I am not always happy. I am not always excited. I do not always feel hope. There are times when I do not see change. There are times when I feel like I have poured most of my energy into bad soil. I have made so many mistakes in my life...many. Admitting a mistake quickly positions you to exact Wisdom from it. The Reward of Pain Is The Willingness To Change.
    From 46 years of Global Evangelism and ministry have emerged dramatic persuasions that have birthed Miracles, Experiences and Uncommon Success in my life. Everyone at some time feels like giving up...quitting. Do  not get discouraged...your beset season is just ahead. This letter will help you unleash a never-ending River of Faith!

Persuasions...That Have Helped Me Survive..!

    My Feelings Are Created By My Focus. My feelings can change as quickly as they enter. Remind yourself that these are feelings, and you can change your feelings. Your feelings are not you...they are feelings. What You Hear Determines What You Feel. My world is decided by what I choose to magnify.
    You can change your feelings through focus.
    You can change your feelings through music.
    You can change your feelings through praise.
    You can change your feelings by changing the people you are around.

    Nothing Is Ever As Bad As It First Appears. Jesus was on The Cross 3 days before The Resurrection. What you think is a loss is an investment. Nothing Is Ever As Bad As It First Appears. Bad times activate worthy relationships. Jonathan met David in a crisis time. Ruth met Boaz in a crisis season. Esther was recognized in a crisis moment. Bad Times Bring Good People Together.
    Quitting Does Not Improve Your Life. Quitting has no reward. What do you get? Regret...shame...guilt...multiplied fear...loss of Faith.
    Everybody walks through the wilderness. Everybody walks through the fire. Everybody goes through the rough places. You must see that Endurance is a Bridge. Endurance Increases Access. Endurance makes you a testimony of encouragement to others.

    Thank You Again...For Partnering With Me In The Eternal Gospel..! The work of God is the greatest soil on earth...and guarantees an Uncommon Harvest of Divine Favor.

                                                                        Your Faith Partner,

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