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What To Do... While You Are Waiting
What To Do... While You Are Waiting (SOWL-140)

What Are You Waiting For In Your Life? Are You Waiting For A Miracle? A Harvest? A Change In Your Marriage? Someone To Apologize? Are You Waiting For A Sudden Financial Breakthrough? Waiting Is Sometimes A Demonic Trap That Delays Your Pursuit Of Change. Sometimes, It Is A Divine Seed That Proves Your Trust In God. This Incredible Study Enables You To Know The Difference‚ And Make Your Waiting Work For You..!

Product Details:

  • Format: Audio CD
  • Length: 1:04:47
  • Price: $10.00
  • Item #: SOWL-140
  • UPC #: 828977-78402

 (Free Bonus Book Included..!)

*Product formerly known as WCPL-140

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Price: $10.00

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