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The Law of Difference: How It Can Help You Succeed (Download)
The Law of Difference: How It Can Help You Succeed (Download) (SOWL-14DL)

Sameness creates comfort. But, your difference decides your rewards in life. From our childhood, great pressure is exerted against us to conform to the expectations of others. Our desire to be accepted often suffocates the desire to achieve. The tragedy of youth is the Trap of Acceptance. Millions wear the same brand tennis shoes, have the same kind of haircuts and yet struggle in their unspoken obsession for distinction. In this fascinating wisdom study, you will learn the questions you should ask yourself, how to identify your dominant difference and fuel your passion for distinction. The law of difference… is the golden secret of every great musician, famous poets and unforgettable inventors. The Creator provided us a world with many colors, different types of trees and rocks and no fingerprint of any human is the same. Your listening to this revelation could be the golden bridge over the chasm to your future.

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  • Format: MP3 (Download)
  • Length: 1:00:53
  • Price: $5.00
  • Item #: SOWL-14DL

*Product formerly known as WCPL-15DL


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